Weber 18.5" Charcoal Grill Charcoal Grate

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Weber 18.5" Charcoal Grill Charcoal Grate

Weber charcoal grill charcoal grate

18 1/2" grill grate fits 18 1/2" Charcoal One-Touch Silver/Gold, Bar-B-Kettle, Jumbo Joe, and Smokey Joe Platinum grills.

This is NOT the Cooking grid, it's the bottom Grate where the charcoal sits.

This grate is not 18 1/2".  It is made to fit into a grill that is 18 1/2".

Weber charcoal grills have been one of the best designed charcoal grills for the last 50 year, and the OEM Weber charcoal grill replacement parts are as good as the original parts. The Weber charcoal grate is identical to those used in new Weber charcoal grill production.

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