Pro Chef Oval 3 Piece Tool Set

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Pro Chef Oval 3 Piece Tool Set

The Oval Pro Chef 3 Piece Set is sturdy enough to withstand heavy duty barbecuing and sleek enough to use in any occasion. Built with strong handles from oak wood, the stainless steel tongs, fork and spatula are designed to satisfy any kitchen need. The stainless steel spatula includes a polished hard oak handle that fits comfortably in the hand. The tongs and fork are crafted from stainless steel and hard oak and are equally as essential for barbecue needs. The two-pronged fork helps transport and turn over food while maintaining the integrity of the meat. For further assistance while grilling, the tongs function as a means of turning over and transporting food such as large steaks or baked potatoes. Although the handles are polished oak, they are formulated with a non-slip resistance to ensure no slipping occurs.

  • Stainless steel spatula with oak handle approximately 18.7 in. long, 1.25 in. deep and 3.07 in. wide
  • Tongs with stainless steel heads and oak handles approximately 15.35 in. long, 2.63 in. deep and 1.02 in. wide
  • 2-pronged fork with stainless steel head and oak handles approximately 18.58 in. long, 0.98 in. deep and 0.98 in. wide
  • Features tongs, fork and spatula that qualify as an essential barbecue kit

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